2017 Church Retreat

What is the theme?

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So then, just as you received Christ Jesus as Lord, continue to live your lives in him, rooted and built up in him, strengthened in the faith as you were taught, and overflowing with thankfulness.

–Colossians 2:6–7

Who is the guest speaker?


Markus Lloyd, Director of External Focus, Woodcreek Church, Richardson, TX

(You may recognize him from MLK Unity Night!)

Markus is known as a community catalyst for church unity and reconciliation. He leads a church reconciliation group called Threaded and serves as the Plano Regional Champion and Board Chairman of Unite Greater Dallas. In his spare time, he is a published writer, professional singer, actor, director and emcee. He is also the host of the Institute for Creation Research video series Unlocking The Mysteries of Genesis, Made In His Image and Uncovering the Truth About Dinosaurs. Markus graduated from Texas Christian University with a BFA in theater and television and lives in McKinney with his amazing wife, Lisa, and two beautiful boys, Markus Jr. (Deuce) and Solomon.

What's different this year?

In lieu of small groups, we’ve decided to have guided discussion groups based on spiritual topic or focus area. The goal of these discussion groups is to take Markus’ messages on what it means to be rooted in the gospel and discuss how that manifests itself in various ways. To allow for continuity, we encourage each attendee to select the topic that resonates most closely with their passion, interest or calling and then stay with this discussion group for the whole retreat. When you register, please select/rank the discussion group topics based on personal preference.

What are the Discussion Group topics? 

Head: Difficult Questions

In today’s society, our faith is challenged on a daily basis, externally and internally.  What do we do when we face these challenges? How do we answer the difficult questions that confront our faith? And what do we do when others ask us questions we just can’t answer? This group will explore some of those questions and what it means to really believe in God.

(Led by Matt & Nataly Leung)

Heart: Unity in the Church

We live in a broken world full of sin. This can unfortunately take the shape of broken relationships. As believers, how do we approach reconciliation? How can we overcome differences and emulate the love that Christ showed us? How can we love the Church (big C) and what does that look like?

(Led by Markus Lloyd, our guest speaker)

Hands: Sharing The Gospel (Testimony)

The word testimony means an open acknowledgement or a public profession of religious experience. How can we use our personal testimony to share the Gospel with others? This discussion session is focused on preparing and sharing your testimony of how God has acted in your life.

(Led by Jonathan & Jessica Wickersham)

Hear: Guided Prayer/Reflection

How do we listen to God in a world where we’re constantly bombarded with information? Prayer and reflection is a discipline that is often overlooked in our society of action. This discussion session is focused on guided prayer and reflection to practice and exercise listening to God. What is God sharing with you as it relates to being rooted in Christ?

(Led by Wes & Janet Wada)



Join us Sunday at 

9:30 a.m./Worship

11:15 a.m./Sunday School